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        My name is Khwaja Wahid Ahmadi my age is 17 years, 

I am from Afghanistan and my current location is Pakistan, Peshawar. I made this page to show the world our afghans in there daily life, Meet my friend Qahar Khushkhui he is my best friend and now he is going to London so he has stay in Malaysia,  if you have any question from him send him E-mail to

and by the way he is also Webmaster he is the member of

I don't have more to say.

thanx for visiting my web page.


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    Ahmad Zahir, undoubtedly the greatest Afghan singer ever. The feelings can not be explained in words but can be felt through his inspiring music. His music lives on in every Afghan household regardless of their ages. For people who never heard his music or to the ones that grew up with his music, we welcome you to


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